How Affiliate Payouts Work:


Fearless Affiliate Program (text version):

Effective July 1, 2016

Welcome to Fearless affiliate program! We are excited you are part of our team and are looking forward to work and grow with you.

Please read the information below to find most of the information you need to know about our affiliate program. And if you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask our

Affiliate Manager, Alisha Goldschmidt (



We offer what we call a MEANINGFUL lifetime lead-­‐tracking program.

Affiliates earn commissions from sales using their affiliate links.

Affiliates keep getting commissions on all future sales until another affiliate refers that same customer. We track via cookies, IP, and in the database. When we promote anything to our customer list, we use NAKED links… Which means we NEVER override affiliate referrals.



We use Sam Cart as a way to track, process and pay all affiliate promotions.

If you have not already registered please do so via this link
Please ensure your Sam Cart profile is filled out and the information (name, address, etc) matches the information on your tax form.

If you have registered already please use this link to see the list of all our products that you can promote as an affiliate

Also, please use this link to see a list of tools for each for our products.



We process payment every Friday of each month (or the next business day if Friday is a recognized holiday) for sales prior to 35 days (5 weeks) earlier. Example: Sales up to July 1st pay out on Friday, August 5th. Sales up to July 8th pay out August 12th.

Payments will include 100% of commissions earned

Payments are sent via Paypal. Please make sure your Samcart profile provides a current Paypal email address to avoid any delay in receiving your commission.



Before any payments are sent to you we need tax forms. US Citizens or Residents require a W-9. Others will need a W-8BEN. We verify W-9 forms with the IRS for accuracy, which takes approximately one week, so it is best to send us tax forms as soon as possible. Payment will not be processed until the tax form verification is completed. Please send your tax form to:

We pay via PayPal Mass Pay. Wire transfers outside the US are also possible for values over $2000, however, we charge a $50 processing fee to send wires, which will be deducted from your commission amount due.


Affiliates do not earn commissions for sales to themselves, immediate family members or business partners. Failure to comply will result in removal from our affiliate bank.